ALLGOOD AUTOMOTIVE strives to earn your trust with exceptional service standards. We want to be the first name that you think of when you notice a performance problem.

Every car needs quality service that can be trusted. If you have a vehicle in the Greater Atlanta area then we should meet. Our team is interested in fixing complex engine and transmission repairs, and we want to make sure you avoid them all together. Any condition that your vehicle is in can be fixed by our technicians. Visiting the repair shop has never been quicker, easier, and more affordable.


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​- Complete Computer Diagnostics
- Complete Safety Analysis
- Drivability Problems
- Tune - ups
- Oil Changes
- Wheels and Tires
- Brake repair specialist
- Mufflers and exhaust systems
- Steering and Suspensions
- Auto Consultant

Monday-Saturday: By Appointment Only. Please call for a quote for your Auto Service. Holidays may affect these hours please call in advance before booking your service. Thanksgiving~Christmas~New Years we are closed- Emergency Tow Drop is still available.


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We keep your vehicle on the road with timely and efficient maintenance service plans. When you bring your car to Allgood Automotive for any services and we’ll put your vehicle on the perfect maintenance schedule. You’ve invested time and money in your vehicle’s quality performance, and we’re here to protect your investment.

Our highly qualified technicians are guiding our customers to optimal vehicle performance. Allgood Automotive keeps you on the road and out of our service bay. Aside from routine auto repair appointments, your vehicle should rarely be in our garage. Even with the strictest maintenance plan, a repair need can arise. If you find yourself at our facility, just know that it’s all good news from there. We design service plans that match your vehicle’s specific needs. We consider your vehicle’s age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing an oil change schedule. Preventative maintenance services are able to keep your vehicle running smoothly. This is the most effective way to protect your engine; clean and consistent oil changes. Our maintenance services also include tune-ups, lube services, engine diagnostics, inspections, tire services, and more. From routine maintenance to complex engine repairs every quality repair begins with an accurate diagnosis. When you bring your vehicle to Allgood Automotive you’ll find out what’s happening under the hood. Owners who get accurate information will always get their repairs done faster and for less money. Our team is going to save you time and money during every visit. Before we perform any complicated engine repairs,



Some consider me as the Mercedes or BMW doctor. I love the cars that I work on and consider them to be my patients. We have been in business for over 15 years and love what we do here at Allgood Automotive. 



We have created this automotive business to help customers avoid the large bills that they would receive at the luxury car dealers. We use dealer or OE parts to repair our customers cars.


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